PT Tunas Ridean Tbk, Project Closing

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Tunas Project (Epicor Implementation, Financial Consolidation, and Budget Planning & BSC in PT Tunas Ridean Tbk) has entered the closing stages, on Thursday, January 5th, 2017. The closure of this project is achieved subsequent to the Project Closing Meeting that was attended by both TUNAS and Rajawali Project Sponsor and also all of the Project Management.


We realized from the beginning that this Tunas Project is a project with a very very large scope, where there are several obstacles on its journey, technical and non-technical, which has also been estimated before the project is underway. An understanding of the conditions that make us, the project team, must prepare harder and deeper than the ERP project that we had been used to do. During 16 months of implementation time (Kick-Off August 28th, 2015, Go-Live I – January 12th, 2016, Go-Live II – October 11th, 2016, Project Closing January 5th, 2017), a lot of ups and downs are over, sweat and tears already we devote, as well as the time and effort that we have to spend, and we thank God this project can be resolved well, although there still are outstanding task we still had to finish.


Thank you for all parties who have provided support in various forms to us, so that we can finish this project with good results, appropriate objective and satisfied clients. Highly appreciate to my super team involved in this project, which has been working hard, working smart, and really understand and implement ways of working with excellent teamwork, and for all the exceptional effort.


Tjahjo D

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